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Vipin Kakkar, General Electric


Vipin Kakar is the Director of Strategic Utility Accounts at General Electric Grid Solutions business of Energy Connections. He is responsible for managing electric utility customers, policy makers and governments, strategic partners and industry organizations to deliver integrated Energy Management solutions.

During his career, Vipin has worked in the areas of Generation, Substation and Distribution Automation, Energy Management Systems and Advanced Metering Infrastructure.  He is presently engaged with utilities on various aspects of the Smart Grid, Power Delivery, Software Solutions & Generation Strategic Projects and is responsible for developing, leading and executing key opportunities in Canada.

Mr. Kakkar holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering and a Business Studies Degree. He is currently a member of CEA and CIGRE Canada.

Alex Bettencourt  SmartGrid Canada

Alex Bettencourt
SmartGrid Canada

Chuck Filewych  SmartGrid interConnect

Chuck Filewych
SmartGrid interConnect

Guiliana Rossini  Hydro One

Guiliana Rossini
Hydro One

David Collie  Electrical Safety Authority

David Collie
Electrical Safety Authority

Vipin Kakar  General Electric

Vipin Kakar
General Electric

Neetika Sathe  PowerStream Inc.

Neetika Sathe
PowerStream Inc.

Eric Deschenes  Schneider Electric

Eric Deschenes
Schneider Electric

Jean Lessard  Hydro-Québec

Jean Lessard

Ravi Seethapathy  University of Toronto

Ravi Seethapathy
University of Toronto

Andre van Dijk   EMMAX Power Corporation

Andre van Dijk
EMMAX Power Corporation

Kip Morison  BC Hydro

Kip Morison
BC Hydro