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Guiliana Rossini, Hydro One


Giuliana Rossini is Director Customer Strategy & Conservation Officer at Hydro One, responsible for developing a corporatewide customer strategy that will result in Hydro One achieving its customer satisfaction goals and improve the customer experience. Giuliana is also responsible for developing new and innovative Conservation and Demand Management (CDM) initiatives that prepare for customers’ future needs.

In her over 20 years at Ontario’s largest electricity utility, Giuliana has held key roles in Asset Management, Business Controllership, Corporate Finance and Strategic Planning, with a particular focus on Finance. In 2005, Giuliana transitioned to Energy Management and successfully developed Hydro One’s CDM/DSM suite of programs. She has since directed the design, development and delivery of both demand response and energy efficiency programs, across industrial, commercial and residential customer segments.

Giuliana is on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance. She holds an Hon. B.Com. from McMaster University, and a C.P.A. C.M.A. professional accounting designation.


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Guiliana Rossini  Hydro One

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