SmartGrid Canada offer education on grid modernization to international utility executives. This service bring the knowledge built in Canada over the last decade and brings it to international utilities to jump start their smart grid programs.


Smart Grid Learning in Urban Toronto

The Centre for Urban Energy (CUE) at Ryerson University has partnered with SmartGrid Canada to provide a customized Executive Education program for foreign and Canadian (out of Ontario) utilities. The program is based on CUE’s popular postgraduate Certificate in Energy Management and Innovation. The certificate would be provided by Ryerson University.

The program is offered in the summer and will be taught at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city. The length can be customized based on utility learning needs and availability.

There is a strong interest to learn from Ontario’s world-leading expertise in smart grid, but the province’s utilities are not designed to provide capacity building to foreign electricity distributors directly.  This program facilitates knowledge transfer and shares best practices. It showcases innovative smart grid research and provides exclusive access to the one-of-a-kind Schneider Electric Smart Grid Laboratory housed in the Centre for Urban Energy (CUE). The course covers Ontario’s smart grid policy and regulation, and most importantly presents real-world cases of utility smart grid implementations (smart metering, renewable integration, ADMS, energy storage etc.). The goal for foreign utilities is to learn from Ontario’s experience and avoid potential pitfalls before embarking on similar projects. By partnering with utilities and industry, CUE brings high caliber instructors, including utility executives, policy makers and regulators. The course will include the latest applied leading-edge research and will also facilitate hands-on learning for professionals and utility executives interested in smart grid planning.

For more information, please download the program overview