SmartGrid Canada has been engaged in the largest consumer research endeavor on smart grid and the consumer for the past 5 years.


Each year sees SmartGrid Canada hire a leading research firm to survey 2000 Canadians from across the country on what is important to them and what would change their behavior.

SmartGrid Canada has commissioned MARU/Matchbox (earlier known as Vision Critical) to survey Canadian electricity consumers to better understand how to engage consumers in the evolving electricity system. This study was conducted across the country with 2000 Canadians in both English and French. The large sample size enables us to understand province-specific consumer attitudes towards solar energy, electricity vehicles, demand response, micro grids and more.

Key objectives of this research include:

•       Uncovering key misconceptions about Canada’s grid;

•       Understanding attitudes and perceptions towards electricity and participation in programs that help control demand;

•       How to develop effective messaging that will convert consumers into supporters of a smarter grid;

•       Measure interest in smart grid devices, including likelihood of making the investment;

•       Uncover the benefits of a smarter grid that are most resonant with Canadians.




Executive Summary for Non-Members

The full research report is available to SmartGrid Canada members only. If you would like a synopsis of the key findings from the 2015 research please make your request here: